Horizon Prep

No matter whom they are, no matter what they religion but I’m sure every parent wants their children get the best thing in their mental and spiritual life. And they don’t want that their children becoming goon and surely becoming an evil or a trouble maker person.

If you are a Christian and want to educate your children within a Christian context of spiritual, social, mental and physical development I think you may consider educating them at Horizon Prep. As an extension of the ministry of the Church, they exist to help students cultivate a relationship with God, to discover and encourage their gifts, and to inspire each student to realize his or her full potential in serving God in spirit and in truth.

In addition to rigorous academic schedule here at Horizon Prep, kids are surrounded in a nurturing environment filled with people who love Jesus Christ. This experience cannot be underestimated because although the core subjects of the learning process are essential, it is the knowledge of God’s love that is the greatest gift we could ever provide. Every component of each day will challenge the child’s abilities while meeting his or her needs. Through various learning opportunities of enrichment the child will see the value of integrating their faith into each course and subject that is taught, whether in our chapel and scripture memorization program, computer lab, foreign languages, cultural events, field trips, or SSPs (Student Service Projects).

Indeed, it is wise if we prepare a generation of spiritually mature, academically advanced, physically equipped, and socially developed individuals for a life of opportunity and service to the glory of God.

At Horizon Prep you may choose both an educational philosophy as well as a particular private school that is right for your family is a process that requires considerable prayer. You may choose Christian School San Diego and Private Christian School San Diego or Christian School Rancho Santa Fe.

I hope this information useful to all my Christian friends.

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