Nouveau Riche

Perhaps you have heard or read the word of Nouveau Riche. Actually this is a French language for “new rich” or “new money” which refers to persons who acquire wealth within their generation. It is generally used to emphasize that the persons were previously part of a lower economic or social class, and that the acquisition of wealth has provided the ability to do or to have things that were previously out of their reach. Talking about reach I am sure that every one of us has a dream to become a reach person as there are so many stories that give the poor hope that someday they can also rise to fame and wealth.

As you knew that rich people are everywhere but how many of them are actually people who made their fortune all by themselves? In fact so many people became rich because they inherited their family’s fortune, while some started with just a low socioeconomic rank and worked all the way up to the rich lane. These people are what many called as Nouveau Riche.

Here I show you two Nouveau Riche people, it is CHUNG JU-YUNG, 75 and family Seoul KOREA $6.5 27.5% of Hyundai. With just a grade-school education, Chung has made a fortune in construction, heavy industry, and autos. Boldness rather than planning brought his success, and he has been especially aggressive overseas. Hyundai was the first Korean construction company to build bridges in Alaska, housing in Guam, and highways in Thailand.

And the other is ERIVAN KARL HAUB, 59 Mulheim GERMANY $4.0 100% of Tengelmann AG, Germany’s largest supermarket chain; 52% of Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co. Thrifty, methodical, and quiet, Haub is an ardent environmentalist who was among the first German retailers to refuse to sell phosphate detergents, turtle soup, and frog legs. Proof that conscience need not interfere with commerce: 414 new Tengelmann stores opened in 1990, and sales rose 13%.

It is time to you to realize your dream to become a Nouveau Riche like them.

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